2020 covid-19 rules

We are busy getting ready for the long weekend races. The following is a list of guidelines we will be following in accordance with AHS. We will require everyone to pre-register either on the website or through contacting oval@caraceways.ca.

Please keep in mind these guidelines are only temporary but it is IMPERATIVE that we work together to follow these guidelines set out by AHS.

We will be running on a ZERO chance policy which basicially means if you are not following these guidelines you will be asked to leave.

 We respect the opinions of others even if they are not the same as ours during this covid 19 time. 

Together we can make this racing season doable within the confines set out by AHS. Play safe, stay safe!


race & track covid-19 rules

  1. We are closed to the public. The gate will be closed once all competitors arrive. 
  2. We are allowed a maximum of 50 competitors each competitor can have a MAX of 2 crew members.
  3. EVERYONE must pre-register online using the form.
  4. Each pit area/camper will be a minimun of 20 ft apart. Spots will be marked, areas for classes will be designated.
  5. There will be no food services
  6. We will NOT be providing a public washroom at this time. We encourage you to go before come. Essentially we would like everyone to be self sufficient in their pit area. We will have a handwashing station on site. 
  7. If you are not in YOUR campsite/pit area,  you are in YOUR car. There will be absolutely NO GATHERING of more than 15 people or cars anywhere on the facility grounds.
  8. SOCIAL DISTANCING MUST BE PRACTICED AT ALL TIMES, while interacting with others who are not in your campsite a minimum of 6ft must be kept.
  9. We will not have more than 15 cars or people on the track or in the staging area AT ANY TIMES  NO EXCEPTIONS (it will be up to class reps to decide how they wanna set this up if more than 15 cars come 2 heats etc.)
  10. The drivers meeting is cancelled and will be sent out via text.
  11. Our emergency crew will be provided with the proper PPE in case of emergency
  12. We will provide a hand washing station
  13. We will have several signs reminding people to practice social distancing.
  14. Our public fire place is closed