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drag racing

The history of drag racing probably stems back to Henry Ford’s first motorized vehicles and people’s natural love for competition. Starting on dry lake beds and two lane roads it was the first places to test your vehicle against others. Though non-sanctioned these races were illegal and took place across North America.

Drag racing in Canada is widespread and that is evident with all the racing being held throughout our provinces. However, the true history of drag racing in Canada has yet to be documented. Knowing that there are drag races as early as the 1960’s, we bet though unsanctioned racing occurred prior to this. Do you recall historical stories of drag racing days gone by? If so, shoot us a message and let’s relive those memories.

Drag racing is more than just speed. It’s the hustle bustle of the crews and drivers, it’s the sound of the engines revving, it’s the anticipation for go-time, it’s the smell of burnt rubber and it’s all about the cheering crowds. 

Come out and watch our many drag races and find out who is the fastest of them all.

1/8 Mile Track

Private Track Rentals

Test & Tune

Stock & Modified Racing

Registration Fees

Below are the current fees for car / driver, spectators and crews.

Car / Driver $50
Crew $20
Spectator $20
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Registrations will not be processed until the form below is completed and the e-transfer of funds to caraceways@yahoo.com is received.

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