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Demo Derby

The history of the sport can not be accredited to just one person. Several people have been accredited with organizing and promoting the first full contact race as early as the 1940’s.  Perhaps the best documented account is that of Kevin Baxter’s article “Going to Wreck and Ruin” whereas he describes West-coast racing promoter Don Basile’s 1946 staging of a “full-contact” race among four drivers in California. 

During the 1960’s and 1970’s in Canada the price of metal scrap was so low that no one could give cars away. So what was the city of Vancouver going to do with all of their unlicensed and unclaimed cars they collected?  Host a demolition derby of course. The first demolition saw 3000 spectators. The following week 5000 spectators filled the stands. There was more waiting outside the gates trying to get in to watch the spectacular racing event. Though the derby in Vancouver is long gone, the popularity of the event remains.


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