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Andy's Oilfield Hauling

Thanks to the trucking of Andy’s we have grandstands here from Hinton. Andy is also hauling a number of other items here for the raceway.

CT Performance

The flag tower construction was needed quick in 2005 and Rod and crew delivered on time. This is a great contribution and is key to all oval events.

Thanks Rod

 Kenzle Ventures

Steve was the first on site and prepared the original demolition derby site for the Kinsmen. Kenzle Ventures has been a strong supporter for all events. Being a racer himself he has a keen interest in the park.

Thanks for your support Steve and Jackie

Northern Provincial Pipelines

They donated a track hoe that was used for several months last summer during construction and is on site now helping us get ready for our first Oval race, with the NPP late model’s here today.

Thanks Dewight

Rimbey Lions

Working with the Kinsmen to develop the Central Alberta Raceways. Bringing you all the great food services for the motorpark.

Steve and Teresa Goodspeed

Steve had his track hoe on site for months and put in many hours to help start the park. They have also made a donation of $10,000.00 towards building the park. Teresa also helps on race days by run the lap counting system.

Thanks Steve and Teresa.

Yellowhead Raceways

The Yellowhead Raceway has closed and has donated most of their facility items including our new large grandstand, the blue water truck, a tow Truck, and lots of other stuff. You will see them racing here next year.

Thanks Brad Macleod

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