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CONGRATULATIONS to the Motocross team - awesome work getting the track ready for the ATV Triple Crown Race! |

Video can be found at - ATV Triple Crown Finals 2013

Some of the photos from the day can be found at  - photos by Monique Baker 


Reposted from Rimbey Motocross Track: A division of Central Alberta Raceways  Facebook page - disappointing to see that some people have been ruining all of the hard work that has been taking place. 


With the track being OPEN please remember to CLOSE THE GATE AND LOCK IT BEHIND YOU! Lets take care of this facility...after all its awesoooooooooooome!!

To whoever already wrecked our new starting gates by bending the crap out of the trip mechanism, smart move! Now no gates until we have time to fix again.

I seen a couple quads and a bike take off and ride down the highway and then cut through the ditch when I headed back to town.. i will be keeping an eye out for them..if you are caught riding with no day pass/membership you will be BANNED! if you're trespassing you could can be charged.

To protect our hard work and investment in our track will act hastily and ask questions later. The track is meant to riding and that's it. Lets keep this place OPEN and in good shape

Also I noticed someone cut the wire on the small section of fence on east gate on high to gain access..and thrn drove a truck through thr ditch to get in..if you see this sort of thing please don't hestitate to call Central Raceways or even the police..this is tresspassing and will not be tolerated. WE WILL BE WATCHING FOR THIS FROM NOW ON!! Everyone please keep an eye out..if it doesn't look right it probably isn't

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Come and join us for the inagural racing event on the Rimbey  Motocross Track on August 24th  - the final leg of the  Alberta Triple Crown ATV Races!  Racing starts at 9:00.

The motocross volunteers have been working hard to get the track ready - the starting gates are installed, the track is groomed and everything is ready to go. All we need are fans to cheer the racers on!

Thanks to Turple Bros Honda for sponsoring the track, and Brandt Tractor for supplying equipment to prep the track! Watch for Bigfoot on site brought to you by Parkland Automotive Repair Service Ltd. 

(Racers Schedule available under the Schedule section)

ATV Triple Crown consists of  a 6 round race series:

Each round has 15 classes which include the following:

Open (4x4)





Mini Beginner

Mini Advanced


Ladies B (under 12)

Vet 35


Gp Beginner/Junior

Utv Side x Side




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A big thank you to Kenzle Ventures for spending hours moving in fresh clean sand to our starting area getting ready for brand new starting gates, and Mike Makofka for fixing some major drainage issues that have been a problem all year! Soon there shouldn't be any water staying on the track. And Sargeants for the sand!! It sure beats all the rocks that WERE there!

We have lots of weed eating and rock picking to do still before the big race if people want to help out sometime.


THE TRACK WILL BE CLOSED until all work is complete and dry enough to ride on. 


Watch for updates - or for those of you without Facebook, we will try and post info here as well. 


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Upcoming Motocross Meeting 


Friends and fellow riders!!'s a little late notice but we will be hosting a meeting on Tuesday August 6th @ 7pm at Central Alberta Raceways garage (same property, just north of MX track) We are looking for new faces and more help to continue to develop an maintain our track. At the moment there are only 2 members looking after EVERYTHING motocross related and they are in need of more involvement! If possible please come and let us know what you've got to offer!



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Motocross Currently Under Going Redesign and Expansion

The motocross track is currently under going a major overhaul. Over the winter months and into the spring significant discussion were had within the CAR community determine to best utilize the motocross facility to benefit the most central Alberta enthusiasts. It was decided to rebuild the track to attract a wide range of riders from young kids to adults racing on motocross circuits.

To accomplish this daunting task we've hired a professional track designer and builder from California to come to Rimbey. Beginning this week (July 23) he will be working along side our volunteers to build us a track to satisfy our needs and allow CAR to become a future stop the Alberta motocross racing circuit.

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