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Tender for Drag Strip Sub-grade Construction Released!

Central Alberta Raceways (CAR) has released a Request for Proposal (RFP) to complete drag strip construction.  CAR's volunteers have contributed a significant amount of time and resources to the construction of CAR.  However a lot of work still remains, as such the CAR committee has decided to use sponsorship money to expedite construction through the use of external contractor's.

Construction will be divided into three seperate phases based on engineering recommendations:

  1. Sub-grade Construction - ensure proper drainage and elevate of property to ensure a solid foundation for a world class racing facility.
  2. Base - distribution and compaction of the donated gravel.
  3. Asphalt & Concrete - final racing surface is applied to track, return road, staging area and access roads

The current subgrade construction RFP includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Removal and stockpile topsoil ~7,759 cu.m
  • Sub-grade Construction of the Drag Strip, Return Road, Contestant Parking and Access Road
    • Common Excavation ~26,510 cu.m
    • Borrow Excavation ~ 10,645 cu.m
  • Supply and Install 600mm and 500mm CSP ~91 lin.m
  • Ditch Excavation ~ 2,030 lin.m

CAR is working hard to construct this facility for the benefit of the public and therefore we're looking for contractors who are able to complete the work as economically as possible and/or able to make a donation