Conditions of use are listed below. If not followed cancellation of membership without reimbursement of fees and loss of facility use for 1 year.

  1. No rider shall be on site alone.
  2. All riders will wear an approved helmet.
  3. No rider under age 10 is allowed without adult supervision.
  4. No rider shall obstruct or interfere with other riders.
  5. All riders will adhere to the time restriction of use.
  6. Each bike must have and able to produce a valid weekend pass or membership upon request.
  7. All riders assume their own risk and liability.
  8. No alcohol is allowed on site.
  9. Riding or bikes or ATVs is restricted to the motocross track
  10. No littering.

Call (403) 704-4266 if anyone is abusing the site or not following the rules.