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  Heat A1 8 laps Heat B1 8 laps Heat A 2 8 laps Heat B2 8 laps Final 20 laps
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  Heat 1 8 laps Heat 2 8 laps Final 20 laps
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  Heat 1 8 laps Final 20 laps
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    Heat A1  8 laps  Heat B1  8 laps  Heat A 2  8 laps  Heat B2  8 laps  Final  20 laps 
 1st  41 Tyler Haurylk  78 Kris Evans  5 Jaeger Burdaul  76  Cody Bunting torn city cheapest xanax buy soma in Columbus 6*  side effects of valium 5mg Matt Smith
 2nd  17 Glen Clarkson  76  Cody Bunting  17  Glen Clarkson 6*  Matt Smith Soma Compound Side Effects 76 can you really buy klonopin online Cody Bunting
 3rd  Leo Chow  6*  Matt Smith  19 Colton Berdahl  78 Kris Evans klonopin cod accepted 77 Soma Us Pharmacy Andrew Brockhoff 
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 7th      33 Trent Tarline      33 Trent Tarline buy valium amps 8-dnf  Carisoprodol Tablets Usp Leo Chow
 8th         Does Lorazepam Help You Sleep 5-dnf buy soma online next day delivery buy phentermine forum Jaeger Burdaul 
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 10th                  phentermine tablets buy online  33-dnf  valium buy Trent Tarline