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Derby Rules
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 Demolition Derby Rules

Drivers are responsible for ensuring that anyone around their car has signed the            

              Insurance Waiver: Failure to do so may result in disqualification

General Rules
  • Rimbey Kinsmen / Central Alberta Raceways are not responsible for lost or stolen articles left unattended
  • Demolition derby is a hazardous and high risk sport, therefore anyone with a health condition or who is pregnant should not compete
  • Rimbey Kinsmen/ Central Alberta Raceways are not responsible for any injuries sustained either by driver or pit crew. It is your responsibility to carry your own insurance for this purpose
  • Rimbey Kinsmen/ Central Alberta Raceways has a zero tolerance policy for the consumption or possession of any alcohol or controlled substance by the driver or pit crew. Any person found in possession or under the influence of such substances will be disqualified from participation in the event and will not be issued a refund.
  • All drivers are required to register at the time of their arrival. Cars and drivers are required to arrive1 ½ hrs prior to the event start time.
  • All drivers must attend the drivers meeting One hour before race start time on the day of the event.
  • Drivers must be 18 years of age.
  • Drivers door must be painted white. Numbers painted on both sides. A roof number plate is suggested.
  • Rimbey Kinsmen/ Central Alberta Raceways reserves the right to refuse entry to any person and to reject any entry.
  • All cars must be inspected by a Demo Derby official prior to the start of the event
  • Disqualification for any reason WILL NOT result in a refund
  • Eye protection must be worn
  • NO shorts: drivers should wear coveralls and safety footwear.
  • You must have a CSA approved helmet with working chin straps
  • All cars must have approved working seat belts Drivers
Car Construction
  1. Type of Car ‐ Any North American made hard top sedan or wagon. NO: convertibles, jeeps, limos, checker cabs, imperials.
  2. All flammable material except the dash board and drivers seat must be removed
  3. All lights, trailer hitches, chrome mouldings and exterior trim must be removed
  4. All windows and mirrors (ALL GLASS) must be removed and the debris swept clean before arrival
  5. Stock gas tanks must be removed. Acceptable substitutes are: a CSA Marine gas tank or custom metal tank. Gas tank must be securely mounted in the middle of the back seat.
  6. After inspection, gas tanks must be covered with a fire proof shield
  7. All fuel lines MUST HAVE leak proof fitting with steel or rubber lines. NO EXCEPTIONS
  8. Cars with electric fuel pumps must have a safety shut off switch mounted on the top of the steering wheel or dash area for easy access by the Demo Derby official
  9. Battery must be moved from the stock position to the front passenger floor and contained in a box or container and MUST be covered with a fireproof shield after inspection. Only one (1) 12 volt battery any size.
  10. A 12 inch hole MUST be cut out of the hood above the carburetor. Hood must be fastened down in at least four (4) places by wiring, strapping, chain or bolts. NO WELDS
  11. Metal may be cut from around wheels for clearance. Rear 1/4 may be welded or bolted.
  12. Radiator must be in the stock position and filled with water NOT antifreeze
  13. No welding of frame seams top or bottom. No boxing in "C" channel frames. Rusty frames may be repaired (not for reinforcement). Bent frames may also be repaired with steel no thicker than factory and no longer than four (4) inches on two (2) sides only. Over repaired frames will be considered reinforced and will result in disqualification. Officials’ decision is final.
  14. Any repairs to frames must be revealed to the Destruction Productions official at the time of inspection. If ANY other welding is found, it will result in immediate disqualification.
  15. Only car bumpers may be used. Bumper styles may be interchanged. Must remain front on front and rear on rear. Bumper shocks and mounting brackets may be welded. Bumpers can be chained and the ends may be cut off. NO truck bumpers on cars or reinforced bumpers.
  16. No welding any inside body support seams or fire wall seams.
  17. No welding shock absorbers on suspension.
  18. Drivers door window CAN NOT be covered with crash bars.
  19. All airbags and airbag sensors must be removed.
  20. Must have safety bar across the driver’s door.
  21. A 3" x 3" bar may be run behind drivers seat from post to post. The bar may extend downward and be welded or bolted to the top of the rocker or frame. A maximum of three (3) bars my be run inside the drivers door for safety. A rollover bar is permitted.
  22. All ball joints, tie rods, control arms and steering linkage must remain stock.
  23. Holes cut in the fire wall must be covered with an inflammable material.
  24. Large holes in the floor AND sun roofs must be covered with metal that is securely fastened.
  25. Rims must be stock. Cars‐ no larger than 15" rims, 8 ply max NO implement tires. Trucks‐no larger than 17" rim. Tires are to be filled with air only ‐ NO fluids or chemicals. No double tires or sidewalls. No studs or screwing tires to rims. All wheel weights, trim rings and hubcaps must be removed.
  26. Body mounts may be removed. Bolts may not be larger than 1" with 3" washers. Only four (4) extra bolts may be added to the drivers’ compartment. Four (4) rear mounts may be extended up through the trunk.
  27. Steering columns, drive shafts and rear sways may be altered.
  28. Suspension styles or each car must remain stock (coil springs cannot be changed to leaf springs) Broken or sagging springs may be changed. No spring helpers, blocked springs or shocks. Rear ends may be changed. Rear control arms may be changed. Gears may be welded. 
  29. Doors and trunks MUST be chained, strapped or welded shut.
  30. Trunks and roofs may be crushed down for visibility.
  31. Driver safety is the number one issue. If your car is unsafe it will not be allowed to play.
  32. Trucks must have the gas tank in front of the box fastened to the frame with 2" clearance hole around the tank. Gas lines must run under the cab. Mesh or a bar must be placed behind the drivers head. Must have proper seat bracing.
  33. No car bumpers on trucks. No trucks larger than 3/4 ton.
  34. Running and safety rules will be explained in the mandatory drivers meeting.
  35. All work must be done prior to arrival at the event venue.
  36. All parts and vehicles must be removed from the event site.
  37. Demo officials reserve the right to change any safety rule to meet track or weather conditions.
  38. The word of any Demo official is final.
  39. A protest fee of $50 will be required to dispute any competing vehicle.
  40. At the conclusion of any event and at the discretion of ANY Demo official, the winning or any vehicle may be reinspected before any prize money or trophy is awarded.
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