buy valium ireland online valium 1000mg reliable online pharmacy klonopin Races started 1hr 20 minutes  late due to rain delay.  We had 5 classes represented - Mini Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Super Stocks, IMCA and Sportsman Sprints. approximately 120 fans braved the cool weather and winds. The track was in fairly good condition, 

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  Heat 1 8 laps Heat 2 8 laps Feature 20 laps
1st 27 Ellis 76 Cody Bunting 27* Ellis  
2nd 76  Cody Bunting  21 Matthew Ennis 76 Cody Bunting  
3rd 17  Glen Clarkson  55 Mike Brockhoff 21* Matthew Ennis  
4th 7 Holley Bussey  27 Ellis 53 Rogers  
5th 55 Mike Brockhoff  53 Rogers 55 Mike Brockhoff  
6th 53 Rogers 5 Jaeger Burdaul 7 Holley Bussey  
7th 73 Jamin Sargent  17 Glen Clarkson 73 Jamin Sargent   
8th 5 Jaeger Burdaul  7 Holley Bussey 33 Treant Tarline  
9th 8 Leo Chow  73 Jamin Sargent  8 Leo Chow  
10th 33 Trent Tarline 8 Leo Chow 5 Jaeger Burdaul   
11th 21-dnf  Matthew Ennis 33 Trent Tarline 17 Glen Clarkson lorazepam purchase online soma online free shipping valium online saturday delivery saturday delivery soma cod phentermine online doctors Hobby Stocks

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  Heat 1A  8 laps Heat 1B 8 laps Heat 2A 8 laps Heat 2B 8 laps Feature 20 laps
1st 24 Jim Cocks 3 Quin Fahrenselon  27 Marc Maclean  88  Craig Micheal  24 Jim Cocks  
2nd 26 Carey Anderson  46 Dennis Pendergast  24 Jim Cocks 22 Scott Shaw 3 Quin Fahrenselon  
3rd 13 Kendall Korth  76 Paul Lariviere 26 Carey Anderson  2 Byron Danser 22 Scott Shaw  
4th 27 Marc Maclean  22 Scott  Shaw  13  Kendall Korth  7 Larry Jaffray 68 Garth Dushanek  
5th 911 Andy Saboe 2 Byron Danser  911 Andy Saboe 3 Quin Fahrenselon 88 Craig Micheal   
6th 6 Mark Freeman  88 Craig Micheal      46  Dennis Pendergast  46  Dennis Pendergast   
7th             GR8 Grace Durand 27 Marc Maclean   
8th             76 Paul Lariviere 911 Andy Saboe  
9th                 2 Byron Danser  
10th                 8 Grace Durand  
11th                  7 Larry Jaffray  
12th                  76-dnf Paul Lariviere  
13th                  13-dnf Kendall Korth   

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  Heat 1A  8 laps Feature 14 laps
1st 2  Chris Billey  2  Chris Billey   
2nd 33  Jay Carr 55  Brian Strachen   
3rd 55  Brian Strachen  71  Brandon Murray   
4th 42 Keith Pahl  29  Kevin Abbott   
5th 29  Kevin Abbott  42-dnf  Keith Pahl  
6th 71 Brandon Murray  33-dnf  Jay Carr  
7th 24  Jim Cocks  97-dnf    
8th 97        

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  Heat 1A  8 laps Heat 1B 8 laps Heat 2A 8 laps Heat 2B 8 laps Feature 20 laps
1st 62  Kirby Zielinski  13  Merl Fitzpatrick  62 Kirby Zielinski 13 Merl Fitzpatrick 62 Kirby Zielinski  
2nd 76  Dan Lee  9  Roger Bonneville  33 Daryl Miller  31 Shawn Burnett 76 Dan Lee   
3rd 33 Daryl Miller  31  Shawn Burnett  76  Dan Lee  9 Roger Bonneville 31 Shawn Burnett  
4th 8 Mitch Louzman  48  Don Wark  8 Mitch Louzman  48 Don Wark  13 Merl Fitzpatrick  
5th 19  Kurt Lutynec  52 Bob Harbour      52  Bob Harbour  48  Dom Wark   
6th                 9 Roger Bonneville  
7th                 52  Bob Harbour   
8th                 19 Kurt Lutynec  
9th                 33  Daryl Miller   
10th                 8-dnf  Mitch Louzeman   

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  Heat 1A 8 laps Heat 1B 8 laps Feature  25 laps 
1st  99  Skylar Gee  78  Steve Reeves  33 Justin Bienert 
2nd 8  Pierre Guyon  33 Justin Bienert  99 Skylar Gee
3rd 96   Paul Lamoureux  9  Al McIntosh  78 Steve Reeves 
4th  V8-dnf TJ Hartman  25  Steve Johnson  18 Jeff Bienert 
5th  18-dnf  Jeff Bienert  13  Jeff Clark  96 Paul Lamoureux
6th      221  Jace Baldwin  21 Calvin Fitch 
7th      10-dnf  Jenner Baldwin  8 Pierre Guyon 
8th          221  Jace Baldwin 
9th          13  Jeff Clark 
10th          25-dnf  Steve Johnson valium online germany  

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