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Well where do I begin. Never expected any erecxipnee like this. Wow! Incredible. Peter was able to help me out so much and make me realise whats important in life. He opened up connections with spirits and actually told me things about my life giving names and references. I felt sometimes he might aswell of been with mw in my own home as he was able to identify random objects around the house and sometimes there purpose for being there or not being there. I was looking to start a sports therapy course this september and Peter picked this up straight away. I didnt tell him anyting about myself or my life and he gave me all the time in the world and really opened my eyes to something special. New lease of life and enlightenment fills my soul! Thank you. I reccommended anyone spend time with this special gifted genuine person and you'll life will never be the same again in a good way! Beware he is for real and just offers the truth!
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I just got done with a reading from Peter just a few mtueins ago. He was spot-on and 100% accurate the entire time! He called me and immediately started, even before he knew my name! The first thing he mentioned was issues with my mom and that I need to let go of her negative judgement and past experiences with her that I have been unable to let go, I literally dropped the box of papers I was holding and tears came to my eyes.. I didn't expect him to point out one of the biggest problems that have been affecting me basically all my life, none of my friends even know to the extent of the issues revolving around my mom and here he pointed it out within less than a minute of speaking. He then brought up the biggest problem that is affecting my every day life and mentioned my fears and literally EVERYTHING that I have been occurring in my life. Not only that, but he then walked me through step for step how to get it under control and was patient even when I had difficulties in visualizing certain things. In fact, the time ran a bit longer than 30 mtueins and he kept on helping me through it regardless. I promise I will be having many more readings from now on. He's amazing.. absolutely the real deal! THANK YOU PETER!!!!
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This sounds rllaey great and easy too. When I get a good price on chicken breasts, I throw them in the crockpot and cook them until they are ready to fall apart. Then I bag them up in one or two breast packages and freeze them. Then I can pull out what I need and my meat is already cooked, so then I thaw and throw my dinner together. This recipe will fit right into my frozen meat selections. Thanks for posting and sharing with Food on Friday.
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